Why a Great Website is Important for Beauty Salons

It is 2016, having a great website is important for every business, but for some industries the need to have an engaging website is more intense than others – beauty salons are one of them. The beauty salon market is a competitive one, with stylists and estheticians looking for not just customers, but building a strong base of repeat clients. Having a visually appealing beauty salon website in Calgary is imperative to build a killer client base in this competitive market.

Being in a competitive market is probably the biggest reason that salons need a beautiful website, but it is definitely not the only reason. Still not convinced your hair and esthetics business requires a website? Read on!

Show You Know Your Trends
The beauty industries foundation lies in trends, more specifically in trendsetting. If your website isn’t up to date and fresh, why would new clients think that your stylists are up-to-date on the advances constantly being made to products or processes.

Beat Your Competition
It is surprising how few stylists or salons have a contemporary website. Yes, it is a business that often works on referral, but modern websites often have customer testimonials built right into them, if your testimonials shine it can sway potential clients away from a competitor and right to you. If your website looks so fresh and so clean the very aesthetics of it can drive potential customers straight into your waiting arms.

Feature Your Products
Every stylist knows the struggle, you have researched great products and brought them into the store, but convincing your client to spend more money on beauty products is not always easy. When you advertise the products you use right on your website it is another touch point for customers and another way for them to learn about how great your conditioner/nail polish really is and how it can change their lives.

Showcase Your Talent
Every salon has a flavour or a vibe that customers pick up on as soon as they walk in. It is in the décor, the music and the way the stylists interact with both the clients and each other. The style, vibe, or brand of a salon can be the difference between a one-time customer and long-term regular. If your salon has an individual funky vibe, and your stylists have epic skills showcase it on your website! A beauty salon website in Calgary is going to draw people in by featuring the incredible talent and fun vibe that happens within the walls.

Online Appointment Booking
A very handy feature that should always be on your salons website, but is often missing, is an online appointment booking feature. It is widely known in sales and marketing that the fewer steps a potential client has to take to purchase something, the more likely a purchase is. With an online booking app, your potential customers can commit to your salon and your stylists with a few clicks, and your repeat customers know they can make appointments hassle free!

Of course, there are more reasons that your studio needs a website, but these are some of the biggest ones. If you are starting a beauty salon in Calgary and need a website made, contact us. We’ll have a chat and tell you how we can help your business take off!

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