See Results! Strengthen Your Gym With a Website

We now exist in the digital age, reaching your target demographic has never been easier, so are you reaching them? Do you have a solid website to back up your business? In some niche industries, a website can literally make or break you – like the fitness world.

If you have a business like a gym or a cross fit studio, marketing is key and a solid website is the biggest and best marketing tool at your disposal. Build a beautiful website and get your business name out there! Take a moment and consider something, is your website making your business hot? Or is it cooling it off? Or, worse yet, is your lack of a website making your gym irrelevant? It is crucial to attract and retain committed clients, here’s how your website can help you do just that.

Set yourself apart
Your website is the place that you can show how your gym or fitness studio is different from all the others. Your website is where you tell the story of your ‘style’, your instructors, your personal trainers and you. Why are these specific trainers working at your gym? Tell their story and if they are active on social media and have a good following you can link to their social media accounts. A gym website in Calgary can do more to set you apart from your competition than anything else.

Do you have the most cutting edge equipment? A fitness class that no one else has? Your fitness studio website is where you showcase your facilities and start converting potential clients into current ones. Whether it’s a piece of pilates equipment or the newest cross fit competition, your website should feature your facilities front and centre. Why bother to spend all the time, money and energy on your equipment if you’re not going to show it off!

People love to save money and challenge themselves. Gym promotions are a great way to get people through the door and what better way to advertise them, than on your website? It’s not just promotions but events and partnerships as well! Have a cool product like the best sports bottle or protein powder? Advertise it on your website, make people excited about it and it will get them into your studio.

Online Schedule
There is nothing worse than getting all your stuff together and getting out of the door to get to the gym – especially for newbies. If people get to your fitness class and it’s canceled or the time has switched and they have missed it, that could lose your clients right there. Having a schedule on your gym website in Calgary is crucial! Many people look for a schedule to make sure they’re going to be there at the right time. If you don’t have one, they may simply move onto the next gym that does.

Plans and Challenges
If your trainers offer customized meal plans or you regularly do fitness challenges, having a portal for your clients/customers to build profiles to allow them electronic access to their plan is an incredible draw for people – it’s impressive and can really help clients come back to your brand, keeping your gym forefront in their mind.

All of these reasons are just the very beginning, just like your gym, the results your business can get from a killer website is limitless! Give us a call, we’ll help your business build some website muscle.

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