Is Your Website Hella Boring?

Dull, ho-hum, tedious, mundane, stale, run-of-the-mill. These are all adjectives that you don’t want people to use to describe your website, but it might be even worse when people don’t care enough to even remember your site.

Are you worried your page is dull as dishwater? If you have a high bounce and low conversion rate something is wrong, you are not engaging your audience. A.K.A. your site is hella boring and you need to spice it up with your web design or content.

What is Making Your Site Boring?

Well that is a loaded question. It could be many things, but let’s talk about a few of the biggest offenders and content is a big one. There are many ways your content is doing you a disservice. If your copy doesn’t ever change or evolve with your business it makes your website become tedious.

Have you ever been talking to someone who just drones on and on about themselves making you tune right out? That’s what your website is doing if it only mentions you and your company – it becomes a tedious slog to get through.

Obviously, if your overall web design is not attractive and engaging it is going to come across as boring. Colours and contrasts can play a huge role in making your website pop off the screen. A good web designer knows which colours to use and which ones to stay far away from. People want their websites to look professional and that is a-ok – just because it is professional doesn’t mean that your web design has to be benign. The colours, font, image placement and overall organizational schematic can all add to your web design woes…if you let them.

Fix It Up

Ok, you’ve come to the realization that your website is, in fact, boring. Boring you to tears! So what can you do about it? Well, you could always call us. We are Calgary web design professionals and can help with this problem. But in the meantime, you need to spice up your site.

If your website is one that used to get a lot more traffic than it does now, you may want to try changing your web copy and/or your images semi-regularly. People are easily bored. If your website is always the exact same they won’t bother visiting. One way to easily fix this is to add an image slider to your homepage and populate it with crisp high impact pictures. The sliding images will change your homepage enough that it will be more appealing.

It has started to become almost commonplace for video to be added to websites, web designers use them as background video to make the websites really stand out and marketers use them because they are highly engaging ways to get your message out, especially if you have a somewhat complicated business – like the business of rocket science, for instance. Do you know why video is beloved by both web designers and marketers? Because it’s not boring!

Making an interesting website doesn’t have to break the bank, but having a boring one just might.

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