On Page SEO – Tips and Tricks

We got such a great response from the last post about search engine optimization, we thought we would give you a few more tips, this time about on page SEO.

In 2016, having a good website isn’t enough, you also have to optimize every page of your website to be found by a search engine – that’s why it is called search engine optimization. If your SEO game is strong, you will come up higher in the search engine rankings.

On page SEO refers to all of the HTML code and the content of your website. While off-page is referring to back links and other things we talked about in the previous post. Depending on what industry you are in, on page SEO in Calgary can be quite the competitive field. Mortgage brokers, lawyers, photographers are all in an industry that are often search for online and people tend not to get past the first page of results when looking for a service. We at Sparrow Studios thought we would help you get an idea of how to maximize your results.

Find your keywords
You probably know what your keywords are without having to hire anyone to figure them out for you. Quick, what are 5 words that you would type into a search engine when looking for your company? Those are probably your keywords. If you are a criminal lawyer in Calgary they would be something like: lawyer, Calgary, criminal etc. Once you know your keywords you can start building content and html code around them.

Title Tags
If at all possible, try to start the title tag with your keyword. The closer your keyword is to the very beginning of your title, the more relevant the search engine thinks that it is. Note. You can’t just shove all of your keywords into the title. Search engines are on the lookout for spam, if it doesn’t make sense your websites rating can drop instead of rising.

Boost Your Speed
If someone visits your webpage and it takes forever to load they are going to close it off almost immediately. In actuality, it doesn’t have to take forever, in website terms forever actually means 4 seconds. Your website shouldn’t take longer than 4 seconds to load. It is for that reason that search engines like Google have started taking page speed into consideration when ranking websites. Not sure where to start? Try compressing your image or video files as low as they will go without compromising the quality.

Media Rich
Study after study has shown that media rich websites make people stop and take notice. Quality videos and well placed pictures or graphics can dramatically decrease your bounce rate and increase session time. Search engines notice these things and rank websites that have high levels of engagement. If your audience likes your website, Google will too.

Of course there are a myriad of other tricks to optimize your website. Responsive design, shorten your URLs, and integrate social share buttons directly onto your blog. There’s more on page SEO information and expertise where this came from. Boost your website rank by calling us and have Sparrow do the heavy lifting for you!

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