Small Business Web Design Essentials

It’s easy to get wrapped up in website design and wanting to get every add-on imaginable. Get ALL THE WEB THINGS! Yes, it’s true, your website is the biggest weapon in your marketing arsenal but that doesn’t mean that you have to get every widget, app or plug-in imaginable. We decided to compile a list of the biggest must-haves for a small business web design on a budget.

First thing’s first, your site is going to need great content, not good content, but great content. All websites regardless of size or budget needs to have good content, but a small business with a small budget needs to have impeccable content. It should be clear, precise, short and attention grabbing. Above all else, your site should have a well worded and crystal clear call to action. Buy Now. Take the Class. Learn More. People also respond to photos, the more graphic and well placed the photo the higher your website engagement will be.

The user experience should focus on making it super easy and intuitive navigation. People want the web experience to be as simple and straightforward as possible – the average length of time people stay on a page is 15 seconds. If your business’ website is easy to use they are more likely to stay and move around in it.

Having a fast loading time is one of the most important aspects of website design. Picture yourself choosing between two website selling a similar product. You click onto one site and it takes 20 – 30 seconds for the pictures/videos/logo to load. Very few things will make a user navigate away from a site like a slow loading time.

It should go without saying that any business, big or small should have their web design be compatible with mobile devices.  It’s just the way of the world, 67% of people use their smartphones to go online, this means they are going on social media, reading blogs and articles, googling random things and landing on webpages they have a modicum of interest in – all on their phone. If they land on your page and it is not optimized for mobile you have likely lost a customer.

Have you ever heard that saying that you could never talk yourself up the way your best friends can? Having testimonials from real customers who loved your product or service will always do a better job selling you than anyone else can. So put those testimonials right on your website. Pro tip, it helps if they actually are from your customers and not your mom, brother or best friend.

This may sound like a slightly confusing and intimidating word, but analytics are so very useful. You may not have the funding to hire a big data scientist, but for a small business you really shouldn’t need it. Having analytics embedded into your website can help you decide about who to sell to, what information to put out and when. It can help you immensely increase your engagement levels and also guide your decisions on future digital marketing endeavours like pay per click advertising.

Ok. Ok. If you are a business that requires e-commerce or payment processing etc. you will have to go above and beyond this list, but for your standard small business website this should work for you juuuuust fine.

Want to work with a professional to get the most out of the web design experience? Call Sparrow Studios at our Calgary offices. We can always have a coffee and chat about all things website.

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