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What’s Up at Sparrow

And what’s a digital agency?


You got it, we design awesomely cool and wicked websites for our clients! What kind of sites? Just epic ones! Modern, responsive sites that tell your clients, friends and family that you have a brand and know how to rock it out online. We let you tell us what to do, or take care of everything. Either way, we create something that you’ll love.


Don’t know what a brand is, how it works, what it means, or what to with it? No worries, we got you covered. We produce and execute sweet, awesome looking brands for you or your company and all you need to do is say ‘yay or nay’. Colors, fonts, logo and graphic design is all taken care of while you sprawl out on the beach (or at home, cause Calgary is cold, ya’ know).

Hosting & Security

It’s all taken care of in one place. You have unlimited, scalable storage, hosting, domain name, security and maintenance. And it’s taken care of every month for you, easy as pie. One place for all your needs and if you ever want to tweak an elements, upgrade a few things or even revamp your entire online presence, you’ve got one team to contact for everything.

SEO & Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization is the Yellow Pages of the new millennium, and we got that handled for you. Our SEO experts are working every day to help your rank your better for the keywords you want to rank for and make sure your site works well. This means more clients, more business and more publicity over time. You’ll be a hero soon!

We’re here to make

Really Cool Websites

with all the frills

Feature Overload

What’s included

Professional Design

Cutting edge, expert design work that screams modern.

Search Engine Optimization

Highly targeted search engine optimization services.

VPS Hosting

Smooth, 99.9999% virtual private server hosting.

Social Media Connection

Connect with virtually any social media online.

Responsive Structure

A sleek, united browsing experience across all devices.

Fixes & Tweaks

Glitches, updates and mini tweaks tackled in 24 hours.

Maximum Security

Modern, leading security for your site always.

Content Uploading

Entry, updates and uploading of content and images.

Google Maps Integration

Get your location on Google Maps with a free account.

Data & Analytics

Monthly analytics and data on web traffic and ranking.

User Management

Take control of your site and enable your team to manage site parts.

Image Entry

Free stock images, or images at cost.

Software Integration*

Booking, forms and other software integration.

Graphic & Print Design*

Online graphics and print design for your needs.

Unique Branding*

Smart, clean and beautiful brand development.


High quality, e-commerce that works anywhere.

*professional and enterprise plans only

and the pricing is

ultra simple

one monthly cost

Super Easy Plans

Starter, Professional & Enterprise

  • Starter
    • $700 Setup (New Website Setup)
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Web and IT Support
    • 5 GB Bandwidth
    • 100% Responsive
    • Logo Design
    • Hosting
    • 2 hrs /m for Updates
  • Enterprise
    • $700 Setup (New Website Setup)
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Web, IT & Graphic Support
    • 15 GB Bandwidth
    • 100% Responsive
    • Logo & Business Cards
    • Brand Development
    • Print and Graphic Support
    • Advanced Feature Support
    • E-commerce capability (with SSL)
    • 3rd Party Integration
    • Hosting
    • 10 hrs /m for Updates

Join the Crew

get ‘er started

we promise you’ll be jazzed

Easy as 1, 2, 3

or a, b, c


Tell us what kind of site you need, what sites you like, and what you wants your web presence to look like. The more detail the better! We’ll create a rough plan for the site.


Pay the deposit and be prepared to tell us what you like and don’t like as we talk back and forth with you and build your site as fast as our fingers can type!


Make sure we’ve hit the nail on the head and clean up any final elements before we move your beautiful website into the public eye for the world to see.


It’s all done, and you’re good to go! Kick back, grab a nice caffeinated beverage and enjoy your day, knowing your web presence is handled, now and forever.

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cool, modern, creative

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More about Calgary Web Design

Great Web Design in Calgary is at Your Fingertips

Web design in Calgary doesn’t have to be stressful, time-consuming and costly – at least not when the crew at Sparrow Studios is designing your sweet new site. Get ready to get jazzed, our process is super simple.

The Process

First, get in touch with one of our helpful Calgary website design project managers to tell us about your potential site. We want to know everything about your project. From the name of your company and what you sell, to what features you want your site to have and what you would like it to look like. Don’t skimp out, the more detail the better!

Your needs, wants, and desires will help us come up with a rough design for your online presence, once the deposit has been received we are running off to the design process. We will get your site built as fast as our fingers can do it.

After your website is created we will send it over to you for a review. You will send us any comments, questions, and concerns you may have and we will get all the final elements in place and voila! Your brand new website will go live and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and do your thing.

The Features

Sparrow websites can be as minimal or as involved as you need them to be. We design clean, modern, and professional online presences that include a number of features. Your site will be designed by seasoned professionals, have integrated social media and google map capabilities, and be completely responsive across devices. Every Sparrow site has highly targeted search engine optimization, modern security, and virtual private hosting services –always.

If you need a little more help or your site has more features than average, we’ve got that handled. Our professional and enterprise plans also include modern, clean, and unique brand development, online graphic and print design, and software integration like specialized forms. We can even build you an e-commerce site so you can sell your product or service from anywhere. We do web design in Calgary right!

The Plans

The pricing is incredibly simple. It starts with an initial set up cost of $700 and then a monthly plan to keep your website running smoothly. You just have to decide what level of monthly support you require from us.

The starter plan is $197/month which includes logo design, basic search engine optimization, security, completely responsive website, and unlimited storage. Our professional and enterprise plans include logo and business cards, print and graphic support, advanced feature support and ecommerce capabilities.

Don’t worry about hosting or general maintenance, we’ve got that covered for you. Your website is in good, capable hands with the Sparrow Studios team.

If you need a beautiful, modern and professional website that won’t break the bank, you have come to the right place. Get in touch with the friendly Calgary web design team from Sparrow, we can have a coffee, get to know you and get your project going!

Social Media Marketing Calgary

Social Media Marketing Calgary

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